Friday, December 11, 2009

Meet Fisher Baldwin

He's tall, loves long walks and good snuggle. :) And he's our puppy!!! I was really wanting to get a puppy this year, but really didn't want to pay for one. So about a month ago I stopped looking.
Then just yesterday a guy we know from work sent me an email wanting to know if we knew anyone who'd take him in. A family had purchased him and sent him to be trained as a service dog for their child with cerebral palsy, but he's too hyper. (They obviously need mellow dogs). So he's already had quite a bit of training, which makes him a great package to me!
A few Fisher facts:

- He's a 10 month old Silver Lab.
- He NEVER barks inside and rarely outside.
- He loves to lick Alex and Tigi's faces, which they definitely don't like!
- He loves for you to through the ball or stick for him, but has a hard time remembering to bring it back. :)
- He's kennel trained and sleeps without a peep all night until you let him out in the morning. Awesome!
- He's already over 70lbs and is two inches taller than Alex.
- Alex was totally afraid of him at first, but is slowly getting used to him. I wouldn't go as fas as saying that he likes him yet.
- Tigi LOVES him!


Kim said...

WOW...what a surprise! He looks very handsome.

Kaymee said...

wow! very exciting!!!

spenceandcass said...

Oh! He's cute. I bet the kids are going to love him! Good work on finding one that was already trained! That's awesome.

spenceandcass said...

We got your Christmas card today! I'm a loser and didn't send any this year ........ actually, I never send them. Maybe next year eh?