Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Christmas Cuties.

Since I didn't get Christmas pictures this year or even get around to Christmas cards, here are my cuties wishing you all a Merry Christmas!

Snow Day!

On Saturday we went up to Mt. Charleston for some good old fashion wintery fun. The snow was perfect, light and fluffy, just how I like it, and it was a beautiful day to play in it too! Thanks to Rachel & Ben and their families for inviting us, we always love to visit with them!

Look at his tail! Such a studly duo.

Kisses for my little eskimo baby.

The Sled Crew.

Me finishing the hill just after I bit it hard. See, I'm still smiling, what a trooper.

Tigi was a little nervous on her first run...but she did open her eyes on the way down. :)

She sledded like a pro solo.

My mischevious snow princess. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Will I Ever Get Them Back?!

My brain cells, folks, are diminishing by the day. They say it's been proven that giving birth shrinks the size of your brain. Well, I don't know if it's the act of giving birth or the combination of a lack of sleep and everything that happens thereafter, but I am definitely suffering from some brain loss.

Just for the sake of journaling, I'd like to document a few things that have gone by the wayside since Alex was born.

1. Not just one, but TWO bills have been completely forgotten about. Luckily, my creditors are kind hearted and excused my absentmindedness without jacking up my interest rates.

2. I forgot to bid on job, a sizeable job at that. When did I remember that I'd forgotten? Two days later...and only after Devin asked me about it.

3. I forget to get babysitters all the time, even though I know I'll need them weeks in advance. And then I've booked two people to babysit on the same night! Seriously.

4. Knowing that I was going to an outdoor mall, on a chilly day, I forgot a jacket for Tigi and a stroller for Alex. Thankfully, Tigi didn't feel like running off, and we were in and out pretty quick.

5. The other night Alex woke up at 5am. I kept giving him his pacifier because I knew I'd just fed him, but he wouldn't take it. Flustered about his unusual hunger, I thought about it for a minute. He really should have been hungry, I hadn't feed him in hours, I just thought I had because I thought I had just gone back to sleep. :)

There have been several more noteable incidents, but I've forgot them...of course. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa Was A Success!

Yeah for no tears this year!
Antigone was all excited to see Santa this year. She knew that she could ask him for what she really wanted for Christmas...a pony. Yes...another pony. :) We met Misti and Madison down at Town Square (who's santa was fabulous by the way) and the second she saw Santa, she turned mute. She wouldn't even look at him. Then finally after a few minutes (and some coaxing) she softened up and sat on his lap. I think it helped that Alex was next to her. She's pretty attached to him these days. :) In the end, she even told santa (in a whisper voice) that she'd like a pony for Christmas. :) So cute.