Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Soooooo yeah...

Well, we're moved. Not entirely unpacked, but thanks to Dev and gracious family members, we're mostly. So here's how it went down...we moved Valentine's day (and so many, many thanks to those who helped!) and I came down with the flu Sunday night. Ugh! So much to do and absolutely NO desire to do it. Apparently I got a super duper version because it lasted ALL week. And the stubborn girl I am, do I go to the, no, no. I "know" I'll get better soon. So here we are now, a week and a half later, and I still can't get rid of this cough, neither can Tigi (because, of course, I shared my cooties with her; Alex said no thanks). I finally broke down and got a Zpack tonight, hopefully it'll do the trick.

A couple good things have come from this week:
~We got a renter in our house. Yippee for not having 2 mortgages!!
~Devin proved what a good unpacker he is (as I wasn't doing it and it made him crazy not knowing where things are). Speaking of which...we still can't find that can opener. Hmmm.
~Alex is quite the roller these days and had his first nibble of cereal today! He's just growing amazingly fast it seems.
~Turns out, I LOVE spaciousness! Especially in our office. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Before I Forget It...

It's been said that your first child and second child are almost always opposites. So I've been wanting to note a similarities and differences between Tigi & Alex.

Differences first...

1. Super easy baby. Very "by the book" as Grama Kim would say, just like her Daddy. Slept through the night by 10 weeks.
2. Great little sidekick. She was happy to go anywhere for any amount of time in the car (until around 15 months).
3. Happy, happy girl.
4. Could sit and watch tv with Dev like from the day she was born. Alex usually needs to walk around. He's not much for relaxin on the couch just yet.

1. At 16 weeks old, he's still workin on the whole sleeping through the night issue. He's tricked me a couple times, thinking that he was finally committed to a good night's sleep, but not quite. He finally doesn't need to eat at night anymore, but his body is just stuck on that 3am wakeup call. He'll chat for about 15 minutes and then go back to sleep.
2. Fickle is a good word for him. So long as everything in the day goes perfect, he's a great baby, very happy, cooing and bubbles without end. But man, get one of those off days and he can (and has) cried all day long. That makes for an incredibly LONG day.
3. Projectile spitup. Glad that stage is over with. I do have to admit, I don't think it was entirely his little tummy's fault, but either way it was not my idea of a good time. Whoever invented Mylacon gets a gold star from me!
4. Hands down, he's a champion nurser. Bonus...if a bottle is the meal of choice, he'll scarf that too!

1. Both super lovey dovey babies. Tigi still is today.
2. Both NEED their naps and schedule to stay happy.
3. Their smiles give my heart warm fuzzies.
4. They love each other so much. Tigi smothers him and he takes her abuse cooing and smiling.
5. They're both "mama's babies" rather than daddy's. More warm fuzzies. :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

One Heavenly Week!

Ah...Lake Tahoe. Deliciously fresh air, beautiful weather and enough runs to keep you skiing for 3 days without getting bored. It was wonderful! We went with my Mom, cousin Robert and his fiancee Nikki. Thanks Mom for watching the kiddies (and everything else you did for us) while we had a bit of outdoor fun. :)
The California Side of Lake Tahoe. Most of the towns only had a population of 230!
Skiing was a big hit with Miss Tigone Rose! She LOVED it. At 2 1/2 she mastered the conveyor belts and hit the bunny hill running. :) Granted we never let her go and I seriously doubt she could have done it by herself, but the fact that she enjoyed it had me totally stoked.
This picture is awesome because about 35 seconds later they both bit it HARD. And by hard I mean, Tigi's skiis got twisted under Dev, he hurt his knee and totally rolled over Tigi. She sported a scratched nose and a small goose egg on her forehead as a battlewound.

But did she quit?! Absolutely not! Up the chair we went again. :)
What cracked me up was how much she loved the chairlift! In my memory of early skihood, I was always afraid of falling off, or the chair detaching from the cable, or getting dragged by the chair if I couldn't get on fast enough. But not Tigi. Imaginary monsters scare her like mad, but sailing through the air 25 feet above ground, she's cool as a cucumber. :)
Thumbs up to the Blacks and Double Blacks! (Devin's saying yeah right after his little mishap on the bunny hill.) :)
Note to self...don't waste your time with Heavenly's tubing or kiddie sledding area. As with the food there, they are overpriced and not that great. Tigi did a test run, liked it. I went and paid for her and she wouldn't go again. Of COURSE. But atleast Alex and my Mom got to come out to the slopes for a bit. :) (He wasn't really a fan of the brightness outside.)
My handsome little man in his first "whiteout." Lucky for us, it only started snowing this morning, as we were leaving. The timing couldn't have been better. Did I mention that we were skiing in fifty degree weather?! LOVE it.