Saturday, September 15, 2007

Some New Sticky Designs

For your viewing pleasure, here are some new vinyl ideas. Feel free to email me if your interested.:)

With your own last name...unless you want mine.
I love decorating for the holidays!

Monday, September 10, 2007

7 Things that TOP my List for Making me nearly Insane,

Little shout out to Lila for this beauty of a list...:)

7. I would have to say, no offense babe, but sitting in the passenger seat while Devin is driving has got to go on this list. At times, I think I might have a coronary and die at the ripe old age of 26 because I can't stand how he'll follow someone sooooo closely, rather than getting in the other lane. Or how he'll wait till the last second to slam on the brakes when the people in front of him have been braking already for what seems like an eternity. Or somedays he'll drive like a bat out of you know where for ten minutes then pulls right up behind some slow poke, while all the people he just passed pass him. Ugh. He stresses me. Stress causes prematue aging. Devin's aging me.

6. When Antigone can't go 2 minutes without me holding her...all DAY long! Thankfully this doesn't happen all the time, but she does have her days.

5. The stupid algae that won't ever completely leave the corners of my pool! I scrub and I scrub and I scrub, but it never fails...let the pool alone for a week and it's back.

4. Bugs in my house and tomato worms in my garden. They creep me out and come back every year.

3. Having to restart my computer for the third time because it freezes before the login screen even comes up. So lame.

2. Going out to a "nice" (expensive) restaurant and the waiter is a jerk, your food is crappy and you still have to pay a couple benji's just to get out of the building!

1. Lila's number 1 was so perfect for me, I had to reuse it...People who drive slow in the fast lane! Especially when there is plenty of room to get over! Anybody that knows me knows that I'm always in a hurry (even if I don't have to be), so get out of the way! - THAT makes me crazy.

So let's hear from a few of my buds...anybody just want to vent about something? :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Day Without Labor...Ha!

So this past weekend we went for a hike at Mt. Charleston. I've been dying to go and be "out in nature" for quite some time now and Devin finally agreed to go. Since we aren't pro hikers or anything, we don't own a backpack that your toddler goes in for hiking and such, so we ended up carrying her most of the way. I have to admit, I'm pretty weak sauce. When it was my turn to carry her, I'd make it about one switchback (we went to Mary Jane Falls, aka "switchback mania") and then put her down to walk.:) But luck for her, Devin pulled through and carried her most of the way. What a good dad!
Tig LOVED the waterfall!
Ummm...lunch. Nummie, nummie.