Friday, November 21, 2008 must be genetic.

Alex...The Actor - Et tu Brute?So at 3 weeks old Alex is already showing off his sassy little personality. I took him to Kiddie Kandids for his newborn pictures last week and, to put it mildly, he didn't really cooperate very well. We did get a couple funny ones though. :)

I just can't get enough of that hair! What a stud!

It's the perfect face for Tigi to say "Whatcha doin little buddy, huh, whatcha doin?" This is the attitude picture. It just screams "Foo...what'ch you talkin bout Willis?!" Or "Seriously Mom, are you seriously making me do this?"

Nothin sassy here...he's just got the cutest little feet. :)
So do you guys have any other good captions for these pics?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

One Heavenly Hallow's Eve...

You know how it is sometimes when you don't realize how much you enjoy something until you get to experience it again...well how about a good night's sleep. Baby Alex is one week old now and decided last night that he's ready to sleep like the big boys. With exception of his first night home, he typically only gets up two to three times a night to eat and goes right back to bed. It's wonderful that he doesn't stay awake, just eats and sleeps. Well, last night after a fun evening of watching Tigi trick or treat with her friends Bailee and Reagan, Alex went to bed at 9p, only woke up at 2:30a and I woke him up at 7:30a to eat! It was simply amazing! That's right, I got 9.5, count them...9.5 full hours of sleep last night! What a good little boy to be so nice to his mama. :) With exception of his occasional projectile spitting up, I'm tempted to say he's as perfect a baby as Tigone was (and he's a pro-nurser). :)

On the Tigi front, she thoroughly enjoyed Halloween. She was a "pumpkin witch," which she loved to tell me over and over. She also told me how cute she was. :) Trick or treating was everything I'd hyped it up to be and we even had a few "really, really scary" houses to top off the night. Once around our neighborhood was just enough to satisfy her Halloween desires, of course, that was until this morning when she declared that she wanted to go trick or treating again. It's just so hard for a toddler that fun holidays only come once a year! :) Papa and Alex hanging at Grandma's house for some pumpkin carving.

So how's Antigone handling "big sisterhood" you might be wondering? Like a champ! Actually, probably more like a leech. She loves Alex and always wants to hold him or sit by him...or pat his head...or back if I'm burping him. She's definitely very, VERY lovey with him right now. :) Anytime someone comes over to see him, she asks them where they are taking her baby brother. :) If he starts crying, she'll run to him and say "It's ok brother, I know, I know" over and over. She also likes to climb up next to him and say "What doin baby brother, huh? What doin little buddy?" It's all very cute, if not a bit annoying after a while, but in the end I very glad she loves him rather than hates him. :)