Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Saddle'um Up, Move'um Out!

We've been to New Harmony a couple times this month and loved it! (Of course...when don't we love it?!)

First was the cattle branding. I missed almost all of it on account of Tig or Alex or both, but Dev had a good time bulldoggin.
What a stud! Alex & Auntie HeatherThis isn't the best picture, but I just wanted to show Tigi's "girlies." All the girl cousins are why she really LOVES to go to New Harmony. They take her everywhere with them! It's nice for us too. :)I thought this was too cute because Tigi always makes Grandpa Garth work for her affection, but Alex just loves him! He'd go to him all the time without any fuss. :)
We like to start um young. If we start now, I'm sure he'll be a pro by the time he's 16...or maybe he'll just tell me that. :)
There was lots of horseback riding (and a little bit of rodeoing too, poor Debbie and Carly).
Tigi was so big sitting all by herself.Here we are waiting our turn for the horsies.
I love this pic. Thanks Uncle!
Just a couple a cowboys...Alex and Uncle Lloyd.
You can never go to NH without eating LOTS and LOTS of delicious food! I think it's what we do best. :) Alex playin at the park.There's alway time for swimming on a hot day!
This was our attempt at a family picture. We might not all be looking in the right direction...but at least everyone is smiling!My beautiful Tigi girl.
This awesome machine is the latest and greatest toy in NH. It's a sweet ride so far as Austrian war machines go. But it definitely is good for loadin up a bunch of people for "wilderness excursions." :) We stopped in to give my dad some flowers on Memorial Day weekend and spent a little time at the cemetery. I still can't believe it's already been 3 years since he passed. Amazing how time flies.Doesn't Kolob (the mountains behind us) look just a movie backdrop?!
Uncle Lloyd took us on a 4 hour 4-wheeler ride Sunday afternoon up Bumble Mountain. Hea, Tigi and I were in a gator by ourselves that unfortunately couldn't make it up the steep elevations. Instead of Flintstoneing it, Dill and Andolynn were kind enough to let us hitch a ride in the back of theirs. Dang John Deeres.
This picture is overlooking Harmony Valley. Isn't it adorable?! Just cute field after field. Hammin it up at the top of the mountain. Do you notice that Tigi is missing?
That's right, she slept through half the ride in the back of the gator (and I promise...Dillon was not a very cautious driver).:) What can I say...when a girl needs her sleep, she can't be bothered.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Festive Decor.

Tuesday was Tigi's Birthday...the day that she's been waiting for since the day after Christmas. :) (Now she can't wait for Christmas to come again). It was a great day, she even took a 3 hour nap! We had fam and friends over for dinner and she couldn't have had more fun.

Aunt Jan made Tigi this AMAZING Tinkerbell cake! It was adorable. Thanks for all the hard work! Blackberry is one of my favs!
This is her "I'm so excited!" face. (It's a little forced...I know)
All the friends! Grandie gave Tigi this "park" for her big day (it's AWESOME) and it took Dev (with help from his dad) over 50hrs to put it together! I love you Dev! And I'm glad your so VERY skilled in the constructing (and deconstructing) category. :)
If you look closely, you can see that Cody's helping Tigi blow out her candles. :) I'm sure he's just practicing for his big bday that's just around the corner!
Tigi LOVES her cousin Jenna. In fact a day, scratch that, three hours do not go by (everyday) without Tigi telling me that she wants to go to Jenna and Cody's house, or that she wants to stay the night at their house, or for them to come to our house...the list goes on and on. After I explain that they are not available she'll move onto other friends..Pill and Wammie (isn't that so cute!) or Revyn.

Happy birthday to my little honey bunny girl!! I love you!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

7 Fun Filled Years Later...

So our 7th Anniversary was 2 weeks ago, but I still wanted to post these cute pictures for memory's sake.
Devin surprised me (even though he really wanted to tell me, but I just wouldn't let him...neither of us can keep a secret from the other very well) with 2 wonderful nights AWAY from the kids at the fabulous Mirage! It was soooo much fun!Dev's actually pointing directly to our room.
The Penthouse!

That was so very spacious...
We spent our time playing "tourist"
and cruised up and down the strip. We went shopping and even laid out by the pool. (And no sunburns to speak of!) Go spf50!
Ate delicious food (a favorite pasttime of mine).
And last (but certainly not least) we watched the fountains at the Bellagio and went and saw THE BEATLES...LOVE show. I absolutely LOVED it! So entertaining and fun. Really kewl venue too.
So THANK YOU to my wonderful hubby who planned such a great time for the two of us. :) Extra special thanks to Kaymee and Aunt Jan for watching the kidlets for us! Love you girlies (as Tigi likes to say). :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So Big!

My little baby Alex is growing up so quickly! In a week and a half he'll be 7 months old! Some quick 6 month stats on our rockstar...he sits up all the time and just today started crawling backwards! The backwards scoot is a feat in itself because he HATES any sort of tummy time. The only thing he'll stay on his tummy for is to play with his train.

He's eating peas, sweet potatoes, corn and bananas. He still doesn't have any teeth yet, but we're pretty sure his upper right fang will be the first to come in. (A boy after a Twilight lover's heart). :) Spitting up is still a fact of life and seems to get worse with colds, which he has had two of in the last two months. Ugh. Currently we are healthy.

Naptime is still not Mommy's friend, but his short 30-60 minute bursts get us through the day. He's one AMAZINGLY happy little boy for how little he sleeps during the day. My favorite part of Alex right now is how he puts both hands on my face or neck and stays like that (but watch out for that kung fu grip!). It's like a comfort thing I think. He's still super snuggly and lovey and he's got a smile that melts my heart. My handsome little man.

When he turned 6 months, we had a fun little 1/2 birthday party to celebrate. (I'll use any excuse to have a get together. :) He even got a great little boat with sea animals, which is more fun out of the water than in currently. :)

Alex giggling. It's the best.

Garthie, Tigi and Ashley. Crazy kids.

First taste of ice cream....

First rejection of ice cream. Don't worry, I won't let him off the hook that easy. :)