Friday, July 10, 2009

Mama Mia

I was just so happy that I had to share the excitement - today, Alex called me Mama! And he was saying it to me as he crawled to me, so I know it wasn't a fluke.

Just another warm fuzzy mommy moment. :)

I also forgot to post that Alex started crawling a week ago today and I have a fun little video that I'll put up later. (Hopefully)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Creation of Cousins

I have to think that "cousins" were created for the lasting joy and entertainment of our children. Atleast I know that for Antigone, cousins are the next best thing to candy. :) She definitely loved all of them at Cousins Camp this year!
This is Tigi's buddy Maddy. She helped her and played with her (and carried her) the whole time! She's awesome!
So here's how we passed the time...
With some horse drawn carriage rides,
a solo "family presentation" for Morgan, since Tigi appears to get stage fright EVERY year,
some delicious food (and super cute hair)...
playing with girl cousins,
and boy cousins,
a long ride (nap) up the Penzcour (sp?)(perfect for a bunch of moms and kids),
there was some horseback riding,
and gun fights...
"chillaxin" in the shade by the pool,
and last but certainly not least...lots and lots of loves!
Extra special thanks to Jenny and Diane for making everything fun and taste great too! Of course we couldn't have such a wonderful time without Gma Jerri and Gpa Garth! Thanks for all you do for us!
Gma Jerri and "the Moms."