Friday, October 19, 2007

Why I love to be Tigone's Mami

I've been thinkin a lot lately that I need to write down some of great moments that happen in our day to day lives that make me appreciate being a mom and being Tig's mom. So, I have a couple pics to demonstrate...
Tig went to her first day of "toddler school" two weeks ago. She looked so grow up in her little school girl outfit! I LOVE dressing her up in cute new(ish) outfits.:) little prima ballerina, can't you just see her saying, plie...revele...plie...revele. :)

And then there is her sassiness. Look at this face, does she look like she's joking? :) Our days are always "brightened up" with some form of Tig sass. Those are probably more of my genes than Devin's coming out in her.
I love Tig's independence, her "I'm big, so let me do whatever I want" attitude. Even when that attitude gets her into trouble, like falling down the stairs because she had to walk down straight, rather than on her tummy.
I love the fact that she looks as much like me as I look like my own mom, not too much. We all have the hair, the eyes and the fair skin, but that's about it, everything else is a mixture between the milkman and the postman.:)

Oh, but wait, I did forget one thing...these chunker thighs...these have Morgan written all over them.:)

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Awww, thanks guys!

I just have to tell you...I feel so loved to know that people are demanding my updates! I figure it's either because I'm so clever and witty that you can't wait for new commentaries, or you are so bored of everyone else's blogs too and knew that I would succumb to peer pressure faster than most. I'm sure it's much more the former than the latter! :)

So, to answer inquiring minds, yes, I actually have been busy lately. In fact I've been putting together a presentation on discrimination and sexual harassment (yawn, I know) that I just gave today. Hooray that it's done! I think it went pretty well and I'm a little more knowledgeable for research's sake. And knowing that I'm a self-admitted "huge procrastinator" I wouldn't allow any blogging until I had finished my presentation completely...that of course didn't happen until this morning. But it got done and that's what matters most.:)
Aside from the hours spent in Powerpoint, we took a brief (and I mean very brief) rendevous up to SLC to see the Sunday morning session of Conference live and in person. It was great with the minor detail of Devin and Steve never got into the Conference Center after waiting two hours in the standby line in freezing temps (gotta love that Utah climate), even though Misti and I had seats ready and waiting for them. Ugh. So they got to cozy up together in the Tabernacle on the hard, I mean "antique and newly refurbished" benches. Misti and I are wondering if they aren't spending a little too much time together lately... (just teasing, love ya babe).

But I really did enjoy seeing Conference in person. It's humbling when everyone in this giant hall are just chatty chatting away and all of a sudden everthing goes walks the cute little 97 year old Prophet happily waving his cane at each person he passes. It's one of those moments in life when you think to yourself (despite Devin's speeding ticket and the snowstorm we drove through to get here) I'm glad we took the time out to do this. It was special.

On the way home we cruised Spanish Fork Canyon, beautiful place and as Misti put it, would be a great place to live...if it wasn't in Utah.:) She can say such kinds of things since she's at risk of being deported back there. But that's another story in itself.:)

So at any rate we had a great time, ate lots of delicious food (little push for "Adolph's" in Park City, it's fabulous!), spent three nights (the longest ever) without Antigone and she didn't even blink when I walked into Jan's house on Monday morning to pick her up! I was a little distraught, I have to admit. I thought for sure she'd come running at me full force the second I opened the door, but no, nothing. Aunt Jan's is, apparently, just as good as being at home. That's a good thing...I guess. Sniffle Sniffle.
For your viewing pleasure...

Spanish Fork Canyon (it was freezing, that's why I resemble Rudolph in the nose department)

I wanted a pic of the two of us so that I could also put one of from way back in the day (8th grade) when we became friends. But to my amazement (even as the photobug I've always been) I don't have ANY pictures of Misti and I together, seriously none. But...I did find this little gem from Girl's Camp 1995! CimaRRON ward whoop whoop. Hahha.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Butterfly Park

I have to say, parks are so much cooler now than they were when I was little. Absent are the dangerous teeter totters and the spinning thing that you always tried to fling everyone off of. (Both of which I loved) Now there are giant bugs and flowers, brightly colored tunnels and multilevel steps, slides in every shape and size. I love it! So did Tigone of course, but do I really go to such parks for her enjoyment or mine? :) We were so glad that Tig's uncles Dillon and Garth and Cousin Ashley came and joined in our adventurous time. Love you guys (and girl)!

The Tigi crew...A-lee (aka Ashley), Dillon & Garth.


Isn't fall great is Las Vegas?! I love going to the park and playing in the backyard without getting heatstroke! Tig and I have been real busy lately and here's a few snapshots for your viewing pleasure. :)
Tigone & Cody playing, but what cracks me up is how she's a bully to him when he comes to our house, and only at our house, not anywhere else. It's like she's marking her territory or something. Poor, poor Cody.

Tig & Jenna loved the Dolphins at the Mirage!

Trying to get a picture of these three all looking at me is impossible!
Tig's favorite animal is a lion. Once she saw them, she kept doing her "quiet" roar...over and over again.:) day when I got out of the shower. Oh brother.
Such a busy body I have. :)