Monday, April 13, 2009

A Hoppy Day!

Some Pre-Easter Activities...

Easter was a good day, full of good weather! Finally!
Grandie Cheryl joined us for lunch and a little egg hunting. She also brought some fun gifts!Yeah for bouncy houses!
Then we had dinner at Grama & Grandpa Baldwin's & some more egg hunting!
Crazy kids.
The Easter bunny brought us a bike trailer. Dev was such a trooper and took us for a ride today when he got home from boots and all!
Tigi had been dying to go for a ride, but, as it turns out, she didn't like it as much as she (or I) had thought she would. But Alex loved it so much it put him right to sleep. :)

Life In Review

So...let me tell ya, the last couple of weeks have just been SUPER enjoyable (with a large dose of sarcasm).

Alex, my favorite little boy in the whole world, should be the poster child for RSV.

One happy boy, full of congestion.
(Don't mind the cheesy smirk on my face). The nebulizer was only a one day thing. I felt that hot steamy showers had the exact same effect (without the annoying mask).

It took two LONG weeks to get over, but luckily he's finally better now. I have one rather large complaint though. I feel it was a COMPLETE waste of my time to go to the doctor, have them test for RSV and then find out that there's nothing to really do about it but quarintine him, use a humidifier and wait it out. I should have just kept my $300 and kept on doing what I was already doing. Oh brother.

Of course the week before Alex gets sick is when I decide that we are going to do potty training (again). So through out all of his needing to be held all of the time, I was cleaning up accidents ALL over the house. Tigi was completely adverse to pooping on the toilet. I offered her a diaper to poop in, but to no avail, she kept pooping in the panties. Then the magically day came when she ran into to tell me, "I DID IT MOM!!! I POOPED IN THE TOILET!"

This was her special prize. Unfortunately, she hasn't pooped in the toilet since and the pony was taken away a day or two later for that reason. Pinkie Pie is still waiting atop the fridge for another magical day.

Does anyone have ANY good suggestions?!