Saturday, April 12, 2008

One Girl's fight against a giant...

So take that you price gouging fuel companies! This girl's taking a stand. I have had enough of your $3.60/gal for premium fuel nonsense and have traded in my gas guzzler for...that's right...a hybrid. My 34 miles to the gallon won't have a huge impact in the land of never ending profits (otherwise known as the ridiculously lucrative fuel industry), but lets just take a quick glance at the numbers of all this, shall we? Previously, I fueled up every 4 days with premium at approx. $80 a pop. Now, I'm back to the good ole 87 octane AND I shouldn't need to fill up for 12, that's right folks, atleast 12 days, at a meager $55/tank! That's a savings of $463 big ones per month, not to mention a whopping $5,550/yr! Talk about chump change, I should put that into a savings account and maybe then we could buy a Rhino. :) Oh, just think of the possibilities.
The downside to all of this is that Dev's truck, which we are so very grateful to have back, takes diesel at a loving $4.10/gal. Gag me. Well, you win some, and you lose some more I guess.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So the truth of the matter...

Ok, so here's the real story on the new babe...yes, it's been verified, I am prego and yes, there's only one little body in there. Good thing. I've decided to make the move and switch OB's because Volker's office just isn't cutting it anymore. He is a great doctor, but in the end, I think he has about 500 too many patients. So now we are moving on to Swainston. I was very happy with our visit today and the super SHORT wait before we were seen. Love that! And the office is quite possibly the nicest "doctors office" I ever been in. So, bonuses all around. Thanks to Misti and Steve for the referral!

So stats on the baby: I'm really only 9 weeks (not 12), which I kind of knew, and the due date is now 11/2/08. Quite possibly a Halloween baby, or born on my lil brother Chris' birthday or maybe near cousin Jenna's bday!

For those inquiring minds, thankfully no, I haven't been sick at all. I just eat a lot of food. :) I'm hoping that means that all my pregnancies will be a cake walk (you can always hope).
Here's a little snapshot of the cutest 9 week old ever!