Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting Around To It

So I've finally downloaded all of our pictures from a trip we took to Utah over Father's Day weekend. We had a fabulous time riding rhinos (thanks to the Albrights and Pruets!), playing by the stream, relaxing and eating lots of food. :)

Here's a bit of us enjoying "The Great Outdoors" (and no, there weren't any bear encounters).
So proud of my Tigi, she even touched a fish! (she's not a fan of odd textures)
And don't even think of asking them to get out...
The cavalary.
Is a trip ever complete without one of these?!
Bustin the trails.
Jenna loves it and Tigi's praying for safety. Our first ride out she kept her little hands clamped together just like this the entire time! Poor thing. :)
Our little fam. :)
Happy Father's Day to the best Papa in the World!
Thanks to Grama Kim and Grandpa Clayton for the great weekend!