Saturday, May 31, 2008

Evening Out the Numbers.

Well boys and girls, the facts are in and the fun news is...we are having a BOY! Yipee! Yeah for fun trains, planes, dinosaurs and monster trucks. :) Devin's excited to not be out numbered any more (and to not be that way permanently). The ultrasound scan showed that he seems to be perfectly healthy, growing right on schedule (with a slightly bigger head, but you have to put all those brains somewhere!), and the placenta and fluid and everything else look fabulous. Thank goodness. Here are a couple snapshots of Tigi's "baby bruder."

Sweet babe.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Things That I Love...

So, as trying as Antigone may be at times, she is by far more fun now than she's ever been. (It seems like I always think that). She says the most hilarious things that crack us up all the time. She's becoming sneaky and a tad bit manipulative. If mom says no, just ask dad (not that he ever gives in either), but she's trying to work the system, that's for certain. There are a few things about her at age 2 that I'd like to remember, just because I think they are cute and describe her little personality, so here goes:
- Tigone loves her Sunday dresses. In fact she would wear them every single day of the week, if I'd only let her. She settles for just wearing regular "non-church" dresses the rest of the week. Such a sacrifice.
- Church is one of her favorite places to go (next to Aunt Jan's house). She kept repeating "I want more church, I want more church" as we left the building last Sunday. The repetition gets a little old. I keep telling myself we should really treasure it more because in a few years, I'm positive those won't be the words coming out of her mouth. :)
- Tigi loves make up. Everyday she wants to put it on while I do. She also loves trimming and painting her toenails.
- Purses are a necessary item, especially when she needs to carry her little plastic horsie around, as she talks on her cell phone of course (calling Jenna and Cody and asking them "what doin?")
- Tig has this burning need to hear the Cars theme song ""Life is a Highway" EVERY time we get in the car. Atleast two times. And no, it doesn't matter how many other times she's already heard it that day.
- She doesn't always remember to say please when she's asking for something, actually it's probably more the exception than the rule, BUT she does almost always tell me "tank too" (thank you) when I give her something that she wanted. So cute.
- She'll always tell me "bless you" when I sneeze...or cough. :)
- Tigi is TERRIFIED of bugs right now. Flies, rolly pollies, you name it, she doesn't like it. Devin's trying to teach her to shew them away, but they freak her out, often to the point of tears. Poor thing.
- Last on this list for today is this...even with what a girly girl my Tigone is, she stills loves hiking and climbing, cars and trucks, and 4 wheelers and rhinos! Such a balanced girl we're raising. :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Great Day For Celebrating!

Ok, so this was actually last week, but hey, atleast it's not a month late like the last one. :)

So my little baby Tigi has turned Two years old! It seems like the time has gone by so fast and then on the other hand it's like she's been with us forever! We had a fun birthday party and Aunt Jan made a very special "My little pony cake" that Tigone just loved. Thanks Aunt Jan!
It was also Devin's special day because UNLV has finally stopped coming up with ridiculous reasons to hold him back and let him graduate!! Hallelujah!
I can't even begin to tell you how great it is to have Devin home EVERY night of the week! After 6 years of weekend marriage we are finally able to do stuff together during the week! It's the best. :)
So here's some pictures of our fun celebration...
Of course there was swimming! It's Tigi's fav!

And a super fun "Pony-ata" (Tig renamed the My Little Pony pinata, I guess my version was too lengthy)

Here I am proving to Dillon (on the right) that I'm still taller than him (even if it is only by a hair, it still counts)! And Garthie just can't resist jumping into a picture.
I told Dillon that if he doesn't stop making that face, it's going to stick like that. I've heard it really happens...
This is the best picture the three of us have taken yet! (I'm just thankful Tigi finally stopped crying. Afternoon parties are rough on a little girl's naptime!)
So thanks to everyone one that came and for all the wonderful gifts! Tigi and Devin love them all. :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!

And that's a good thing! It never hurts to have a lot of work on your hands (especially for us). But we have done lots of fun/silly stuff in the last month too! Here's a little photo journal to help elaborate.
Things Tigi does while I work at the computer (with my back to her)...
Please note the shredded paper and scattered toys...this is a resting period. :)
Sunglasses, t-shirt and high heels are the only thing a girl needs.
The daily climbing on places where she shouldn't be (i.e. the desks, the book cases, tables, name it, she's climbed it).
Some ballerina climbing time. This is Tigi saying cheese (with her hands by her face), but refusing to look away from "Go, Diego, Go."
So, I did take a hint from all of Antigone's climbing and enrolled her in a little tumbing class. She loves it, but definitely needs more practice on learning how to take turns. :)
During our trip to New Harmony...
"She's ready, she needs one. Definitely by Christmas, if not sooner." Those are Devin's words as he taught our not quite two year old daughter how to ride a 4-wheeler. "She can do it all by herself" he says "I was barely even holding on." (Is that suppose to make me feel better?) Well, Dev's wish came true one week later as my little brother Dillon brought over my little 50 from when I was a young pup (although not quite as young as Tigi).
And here it is with me posing in all my cheesiness (waiting to get plowed by my cousin), way back in the day. :)
And last, but certainly not least, my lil missionary bro came home last night!! We were all so excited to see him. He got quite a warm welcome.

(The Brother Stacy thing is an inside joke).
Such a party girl!