Friday, January 16, 2009

A Good Start To A New Year...

So far January's been pretty good to us. Here's a quick run down of our exciting events...

1. Alex: - started sleeping through the night. Yippee!
- smiles like crazy ALL the time and has finally stopped spitting up at every meal. Thank goodness!
- had his first haircut and will already be 3 months next week!
Antigone: - is finally being softer with Alex and doesn't try to make him dance all the time any more (I wasn't sure how much more those poor little arms could take).
- really tries to be a "big helper" and tells me when she is. :)
- gives the best hugs and kisses...and often uses them as excuses to come out of her room when she's not supposed to.

For Us: works been good, especially for January and we're moving! That's right, were moving closer to civilization and are totally stoked about more space and some nice breathing room. If you anyone who's interested, we'll be renting our house out. I'll post more details about it later.

Christmas Recap

So Christmas was wonderful. Tigi was highly entertaining with her "oh my gosh!" exclamation upon opening EVERY gift. She loved all gifts big and small, from her slinky to her Butterscotch horse, she was one happy little girl.
Ponies, ponies and more ponies!!
Alex slept through most of his first Christmas, but that's to be expected. :)

But this is the CUTEST picture of his smilely little face. His hair's so crazy.
Then we spent a relaxing week in New Harmony. Thanks Grandpa Garth & Grandma Jerri!

The snow was incredible there. "They say" it was more than the area had seen in 50 years! Lucky for us, most of the days were warm and wind free. Perfect for snow play.:)

One funny tidbit to remember about this Christmas...Tigi wouldn't consent to celebrating just Jesus' birthday on Christmas, she insisted (daily) that it was her birthday too. And now that Christmas has past, she still says everyday is her birthday and that she wants her pony cake. :)