Monday, August 17, 2009

The Big S.D.!

Don't you love this picture?! Looks just about right.

San Diegoooooooooo! We just spent the weekend there and it was wonderful! Driving home Tigi told me (in a dazed half awake state) "Mommy, I want to go back to California. It was so fun!" I couldn't agree more. :)

We went with our friends Trisha and Josh Waldron and we couldn't have asked for better traveling buddies! Tigi and Macie got along great (with very, very minimal fighting) and Alex and Ty just liked to follow each other around.
Here's Alex "attacking" Ty. You see the wet spot on Ty's shorts, yeah...that's from Alex's mouth. I don't really know why, but he just loved to wrestle him. Boys will be boys I guess.

Friday was spent at Sea World. Tigi, being the animal lover that she is, thought all the sea animals were fun. Macie did too.

Here we are waiting in the windless hot, HOT sun for the Shamu show to start. Thankfully the wind did pickup later, as in after we were done at the show and not in the direct sun constantly. Of course.
Those "trainers" were more like stunt men!

I had this great idea for Devin to hold up the fish before he fed it to the sea lion so I could take a quick pic....
And BAM!! In flew the little bird who swiped the fish right out of his hand! Apparently they are familiar in the ways of the unsuspecting tourists. Poor sea lion.
So even with how great all the animals were, this was Tigi's favorite attraction...Elmo's Flying Fish.
Here's Alex wondering why little brothers seem to always get the "short end of the stick."
Totally spent after a long, hard day of play. :)
Saturday was beach day and La Jolla was our beach of choice!
Showin off the floaties!
Alex didn't super love the sand his first beach trip, but he was a pretty good sport about it.
And he definitely LOVED the water! (Even if it did chill him to the bone). :) Such a little fish he is.
Macie and Tigi were just the cutest to watch them play on the beach! They ran and ran and ran! Running up to the waves and back to the beach, throwing mud into the ocean, chasing each other around, it was adorable!
Thanks again to the Waldrons for letting us come with you!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Frehner Reunion

Lots of fun in the New Harmony sun! Here's a couple shots of our weekend with around 150 relatives...

My Grandpa was the youngest of 9 kids and this is our family (with a couple missing).
You just can't ever get them both looking at the same time! But aren't Alex's tennies adorable!
My honey bunny.Off for the trails.Once we got up here, Tigi told me "Mom...we are TOTALLY riding horses right now!" I love her vocabulary!

I just thought this was the cutest pasture! There were sunflowers everywhere, the weather was perfect and the view of Kolob just can't be beat.
The studs hangin out at the OK corral.Alex's first horseback ride! Tigi ridin like a big girl. The little horses are her fav. :)

Thanks Aunt Jan and Grandma & Grandpa for all your hard work!!

My Little Techies

Mix Master A.B. in the house y'all!

I don't think I've mentioned it before, but Alex is a FANATIC for anything with buttons...remotes, cell phones, the dvd player, the stereo, you name, he's gotta have his little hands on it.

So you're tellin me that this is NOT mine?!

3 years old and she can navigate like a pro. Curious George is her current favorite game collection.