Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alex's Big Day

Alex's 1st birthday was on 10/24 and we had all the fam and friends over to celebrate. It was a bit of crazy day for me with Super Saturday and all, but never fear, Cafe Rio catering came to the rescue! And it was oh so delicious!
Alex didn't want to touch his cake (even though it was a scrumptious "orange crush" flavor). He gave the frosting a couple licks and that was that. No smashing of the smash cake at this Cookie Monster bash.

More news on "Everything Alex"...
1. He's a HUGE yogart lover!! You have to be careful with letting him see the jar, because if he sees it out, he wants it NOW. No negotiations.
2. He's the cutest little walker. I just love that little diaper bum.
3. He's growing, but still in the 5th percentile (29in and 19lbs). He'd have to grow 2 inches and gain 4 pounds just to hit the 50th percentile.
4. He's a great communicator. Signing, he can tell me eat, more, drink, paci, milk, night night, diaper and bath. He's also a pro at shaking his head yes and no. He's definitely a big tease too.
5. He's FINALLY a normal sleeper!!! For about the last couple months, his schedule has become very regular. He sleeps 8p-7a and takes two 1 1/2 hr naps. Of course then we go and have to deal with time change, it always messes everything up.
6. He's super helpful, just ask him. He'll be the first one to help you clear out the cabinets, the drawers, the recycle bin, the dishwasher or my work files. You don't even have to ask him to do it, he's that helpful.
7. He's such a MAMA's boy! He always has been, but as he gets older, he can express what he wants so much better, and most of the time what he wants is "Mamamamama."
I love it because he so lovable and snuggily!! He loves to give AND receive lots of hugs and kisses. :)
8. He's smart. (Isn't that what every mom says?) But he's smart in a way very different than Tigi was. He's very motivated by cause and effect. He likes the remote, because it changes the tv (much to our displeasure), he likes toys and electronics with buttons and lights and music. In comparison, Tigi likes to tinker with tools and things, but Alex wants to know how things work (just like his papa). It really amazes me how different girls and boys are, innately.
9. A couple more things he loves: pacies, animals (specifically puppies, kitties and cows), music (he's got the beat, just like Tigi), his big sister (he follows her everywhere and loves it if she'll play with him), Goldfish crackers, bananas and his little lullaby sea horse in his crib.

Happy birthday little man!!


Kim said...

He is such a little sweetheart -- all those things and more! Can't wait until he and Matthew can chum around like the other tres amigos do.

spenceandcass said...

Happy Birthday little Devin!

spenceandcass said...

Oh and yes, we definitely want to start traveling with you guys. We need to make it happen next year!