Monday, February 8, 2010

2010 - Here's to a New Decade

I know it's February. I also know that I completely slacked off on the posting of anything at all over the holidays. We did plenty; I promise there was no lack of activities. Summing it up in a few words...Devin's 80's Birthday was fun, Thanksgiving was wonderful in New Harmony, Christmas was perfect in Las Vegas and Cancun was absolutely fabulous over New Years (minus the flying there and back).

The kidlets are great.

Tigi is a 12 year old trapped in the body of a 3 year old. She tries to interrupt every conversation with a 1/2 mile radius by asking who/what are you talking about and why? It is genetic, apparently and I'm sorry to have passed off such a trait to her. I'm especially sorry it blossomed at such a young age. :)

When she's not trying to get the downlow on your convo, she's busy being the boss of anyone and everything (namely Alex and Fisher). But if you ask her if she's the boss, she'll dutifully tell you she's not, just mama and papa. I'm glad we've got the answer down, I just wish the understanding would sink in.:)

She's hilarious in her pre-teen answers like "even if you put that up there, I can still reach it and I'll get it when you're not looking" or the timeless "Mama, you're a crazy driver" or something about my "crazy hair." She's already asked me for her first car (not a toy car, a real car like mommy's) and when can I teach her how to drive so that she can drive herself to Grandma Zeke's or Gma Jerri & Gpa Garth's houses to see their horses.

Every now and again we get a glimpse of her 3 year old self with conversations like this:
Devin: What's that song you're singing?
Tigi: It's Backyardigans, The Knights of Right.
Devin: Oh...Are they called The Knights of Right because they always choose the right?
Tigi: Yeah. But.....sometimes they choose left too.

Current Tigi Favorites: Speaking to you in her robot voice, changing into atleast 10 outfits a day, loving Alex (sometimes still a little too much), watching her shows (Backyardigans are the fav), singing songs she composes on the fly and, of course, playing with friends, going to dance and preschool.

Just a note, after three years of adoring and gobbling them up, Tigi has now decided she disdains peas. Apparently they are too closely related to green beans (which have gagged her since 6 months) for her liking.

Alex is a growing boy (albeit, slowly). I'm proud to say that he's out of the single digit percentiles and is now approx. 17% for height and weight (30" and 22lbs) at 15 months. He's still a little fella, but he can definitely keep up with his sister. They play so well together now (with the exception of when Tigi starts wrestling...22lbs versus 40lbs is never going to turn out well). She drives him in her Barbie Mustang and plays soccer with him. They dance, jump on the tramp and chase each other in circles like wild children. I love it!!

He definitely knows what he does and doesn't like and will tell you so by nodding yes or no. He's a junkfood magnet! Other favs include yogart, milk and cheese. (Let's hope he never becomes lactose intolerant). He's still not a superb napper and decided his second nap was unnecessary at the wise old age of 14 months. So, some days we run on a one hour nap. It's lovely.

He's still a momma's boy and will make it known to anyone who dares to physically come between us (including Devin or Tigi). He's creeping into the tantrum phase, but for the most part is a pretty happy dude. He doesn't really say much yet, just Mama, Dada, OwId (Outside), Ohoh (Uh oh) and oof oof for Fisher.

Current Alex Favs: Playing outside on the park or riding his harley, attempting to play fetch with Fisher, sitting on my lap, anything with buttons (the fax machine and laptop provide the most choices), picking your nose for you, and last, but definitely not least...playing in Devin's truck. Alex could spend hours just standing in the driver's seat moving all the controls and steering wheel. :) He doesn't love tv like Tigi always has, but he does enjoy an occasional "Signing Time."

The craziest part about 2010 is knowing that in 10 years, Devin will be 40, Tigi will officially be a teenager at 13, Alex will be in the 5th grade and 11 yrs old!! It makes me want to stop time for a bit and enjoy us as we are right now. :) Where will you be in 10 years?


Kim said...

Love this post! I have something for Valentines for both Alex and Antigone that I hope you will use :)

I don't even want to think about how old I will be in 10 years -- approaching retirement age, and then what? Hopefully more of the same...lovin' life.

spenceandcass said...

I totally know what you're talking about! Sometimes I wonder how Ava could be sooo sassy at 5! It kills me! Glad you guys are doing well! Hope to see you sometime in the near future!

jenjamin said...

Hey you! Hope all is well! Sounds like they are. It has been a while since I checked in to say "HI"
Miss you guys.